Bravo Security Indonesia Training Division

Pusdiklat BSI is the security guard training division of Bravo Security Indonesia [BSI], a security guard company in Indonesia. BSI setup the security training school because of the difficulties in hiring security guards that meet BSI’s standard.

We begin with recruiting capable and experience personnel and build BSI’s basic security training manual and security training materials that surpass the Indonesian Police’s standard for security guard certification. It was June 2005.

Nowadays, Pusdiklat BSI security guard training center resides in an approximately 4.5 hectares [45,000 square meters] of land at South Kembangan streets, western part of Jakarta. As of August 2007, we graduate the class of 32nd. Most of our alumni are recruited by BSI, but we also train security personnel from Alter Security, Satsena Bravo Security, and local community organizations.

Starting from the class of 33rd on November 2007, with a closer cooperation with the Police, Marines and Fire-Fighter Department, we will implement a new, more rigorous security guard course which includes baton training, handcuff training, first aid training, fire-fighting training and evacuation training as a standard curriculum.